Why Kids Yoga?

Yoga for Kids


Do Children need Yoga?

Given todays statistics for childhood stress and obesity, it’s clear that children are no longer getting enough exercise. They need a formalised fitness class which will keep them active and teach them respect for their bodies and health. Yoga is such a class which addresses these issues and appeals to children of all fitness levels and backgrounds.


Do children need a specialised Yoga class?

Anyone who teaches yoga to a child will testify that yoga for children is very different to yoga for an adult. If a child is taught yoga in the same way as an adult then, of course, they will quickly lack motivation becoming bored. If yoga is taught to a child in the same way it is taught to an adult then the child’s developing body could be put at risk of injury or overstimulation of the glands.

When yoga is presented using a child’s language and their incredible ability, enthusiasm and imagination then yoga based classes will teach children about the power within themselves, physically and mentally. It will give children a lifetime toolbox of techniques to; self-calm, energise, be in the moment and accept – traits which can help navigate life’s challenges.

Little Greene Yoga classes are the perfect way to introduce children to yoga. Classes are fun, physical, educational and progressive using yoga derived postures and sequences to exercise both mind and body.

All classes are designed to keep each child interested and meet their developmental stage. A 6 year old will have very different needs from a 10 year old, and completely different needs from a hormonal 14 year old.

If you would like your child to become interested in yoga then find a class that is age appropriate.