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Why do Teens do Yoga By Veronica Greene (printed in Om magazine May 2018) Nearly everyone can list the benefits of yoga…………increased fitness; better body awareness; better posture; balanced hormones; increased immunity; lower stress and all round better health and wellbeing. These factors attract many pupils to yoga classes of varied disciplines but often are not enough to keep them attending on a continued basis. Kids can also achieve the same

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4 practical ways that yoga can help children to love and accept themselves. By Veronica Greene (Printed in Om Yoga Magazine FEB 2018) Children are all different. They come in all shapes and sizes. They each process the world around them very differently and all shared experiences are very individual. Yoga is often encouraged as a ‘non-competitive activity’ where children can learn many of life’s lessons. It is recommended as a practice that can teach children about self-awareness, both physically

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Kids Yoga - Lion's Pose (Simbasana)

A candid look at what a children’s yoga class can be like and why doing a certified teacher training course really matters. By Veronica Greene (Printed in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine (2016))    You know that yoga is your passion and you really love children so it seems obvious to combine your interests and teach yoga to children, but do you have what it takes? Kids Yoga, Yoga

As the weather cools and the cold and flu season gets well underway it’s important to look after ourselves.  Exposure to viruses is unavoidable, unless we live like a hermit! Working with children or in air conditioned offices can increase our exposure to many winter viruses So if we can’t avoid coming into contact with ‘bugs’ the only solution is to strengthen our immune systems to work effectively when we do encounter something ‘nasty’!   Here are some tips

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  Why our training courses are different!     Little Greene Yoga endeavours to train Certified Children & Teen Yoga Instructors to the highest quality. Only those who meet the criteria can use the Little Greene Yoga badge.   This is quite a controversial statement given that there is no governing body for yoga and that anyone can set themselves up as a yoga instructor ,and many do. Most Children’s Yoga Teacher Training courses are only 3 days long with many organisations competing

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