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5 Asanas To Include In Every Child’s Yoga Class     By Veronica Greene (Printed in Om Yoga Magazine AUG 2017) Veronica Greene founded Little Greene Yoga® and offers a Certified Children’s Teacher Training package (for 3-5yrs; 5-8yrs; 8-12yrs & Teens) www.LittleGreeneYoga.com   15 years ago when I founded Little Greene Yoga I would notice a dramatic change in a child’s posture once they started secondary school. This change was down to a number of reasons – carrying extra books, studying, hunched over a desk or the simple awkwardness of adolescence! This posture adaptation is known as ‘forward head syndrome’.Continue Reading
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Pleasing All of the ‘Junior Yogis’ All of the Time! Publish in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine Dec 2015 By Veronica Greene Veronica Greene founded Little Greene Yoga®  and offers a Certified Children’s & Teenage Teacher Training package.   As Abraham Lincoln said “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time! More simply put, by the British – “You can’t be everybody’s Darling!” Or can you? Anyone whoContinue Reading
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Printed in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine (June 2017) by Veronica Greene, founder of Little Greene Yoga Little Greene Yoga a certified children’s teacher training package (3-5yrs; 5-8yrs; 8-12yrs & Teens)   Congratulations! You’ve passed and are now a fully qualified Yoga Instructor! What now? You have your 200 hours yoga qualification under your belt. You’re ready to take on the whole world and can’t wait to share your knowledge with everyone and I mean everyone – the benefits of yoga should be shared no matter age, sex, health, disability or life stage.   So does your yoga qualification reallyContinue Reading
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There are so many styles of yoga and so many different teaching methods in the world today. The beauty of it is there is room for them all. Certain personality types are attracted to specific disciplines professing that their form of yoga is the only ‘true’ yoga while others are more than happy to mix and match believing that ‘yoga is yoga no matter what’. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and fortunately there is a class out there for everyone. Children’s yoga isn’t any different. Purist’s state that yoga should be taught to children using only the true principlesContinue Reading
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Baby comes Too…. (Level 1 Iyengar yoga class for your postnatal phase) There are plenty of classes for your baby but only one where the focus is entirely on you. Yoga is a wonderful way to help your body and mind re-adjust after the demands that pregnancy and labour have put on it. The body is constantly in transition and even now, in the post natal stage, we continue to stress ourselves with sleepless nights and lengthened periods of sitting, to feed our little bundles. The yoga class will focus on strengthening abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor, re-aligning your spineContinue Reading