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Edie Stuart

Edie Stuart

Cambridge, England Little Greene Yoga Foundation Years (3-8yrs) Kids Yoga Instructor

As a primary school teacher and enthusiastic yogi, Edie is thrilled to be merging her two passions by working as a children’s yoga teacher in Cambridge! She strongly believes that by helping children develop an awareness of their bodies when they are young, we are setting them up for lifelong physical and mental wellbeing. Edie loves the way that the LGY methodology brings an age-appropriate playfulness to physical yoga practice. In her classes, she hopes to help children develop not only physical abilities and their knowledge of yoga poses, but also their love of storytelling!
Edie is a fully certified yoga teacher. As well as completing an adult teaching certification through the Kripalu School of Yoga and Aryuveda in Massachusetts, USA, she received specialised yoga training to teach yoga to kids aged 3-8 years with the Little Greene Yoga Teacher Training Program. 
Edie successfully completed her Little Greene Yoga Foundation Teacher Certificate (3-8 yrs) in October 2016.  She currently teaches in a primary school attached to Cambridge University where she captivates her students, on a daily basis, by interweaving yoga into their lessons plans.

For class information or to have Edie run classes in your school,nursery or Yoga Studio contact her at: