Teaching Yoga to Kids – How Hard can it be?

Teaching children yoga is a tough task and more difficult than teaching adults yoga. Could you do it? Printed in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine (June 2015) Teaching yoga to children is often portrayed as the soft option. Perhaps this is due to the impression, many adult yogis have, that children’s yoga is not real yoga!   Is this true? Young children can’t hold poses for any length of time; they don’t have great balance; they don’t have the ability to look inwards and most won’t develop body awareness for many years to come; they can’t sit at peace on […]

5 Asanas to Include in Every Children’s Yoga Class

5 Asanas To Include In Every Child’s Yoga Class     By Veronica Greene (Printed in Om Yoga Magazine AUG 2017) Veronica Greene founded Little Greene Yoga® and offers a Certified Children’s Teacher Training package (for 3-5yrs; 5-8yrs; 8-12yrs & Teens) www.LittleGreeneYoga.com   15 years ago when I founded Little Greene Yoga I would notice a dramatic change in a child’s posture once they started secondary school. This change was down to a number of reasons – carrying extra books, studying, hunched over a desk or the simple awkwardness of adolescence! This posture adaptation is known as ‘forward head syndrome’. […]

What Kids Really Think of YOGA!

Pleasing All of the ‘Junior Yogis’ All of the Time! Publish in Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine Dec 2015 By Veronica Greene Veronica Greene founded Little Greene Yoga®  and offers a Certified Children’s & Teenage Teacher Training package.   As Abraham Lincoln said “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time! More simply put, by the British – “You can’t be everybody’s Darling!” Or can you? Anyone who […]