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Reviews for LGY

Reviews for Little Greene Yoga

Children’s Classes


“the yoga is really good and really enjoyable.  Our teacher is amazing.  The stretches are well explained, difficult to do till you learn them then they are great. I love all the stories. Especially the Olympic Games.”

Freya nearly 9yrs  (been attending yoga class since she was 3yrs)


“I love the fact that she always wants to go.  I have seen how good her posture is compared to others at school and her balance amazes me.  She seems to take on a different character when she shows me a new move there is calmness and such concentration.  I look forward to seeing her progress further with her yoga. Her enthusiasm for yoga is down to this wonderful group.”

Freya’s mum Kirsty

“cos I like it and it’s fun there and I like the sunflower best and the mouse and the tree pose…..and Veronica is pretty”.

Livia 3yrs

“keeps you healthy”

Marissa 6 yrs

” I like it ‘cos I like it”

Ava 81/2 yrs

“I’m so pleased that my three children love yoga. I think that’s very much down to Veronica’s style of teaching. I hope yoga is something that will stay with them & they will hopefully dip in and out of through their adult years. My 3 year old wakes up most mornings asking “Is it yoga today mummy?”. There can be no better endorsement than that.”

Mum to Ava, Marissa & Livia

“Happily found out about Veronica’s classes via word of mouth and am delighted! Both my kids love yoga and are able to practice at home with me. The course is structured but manages to retain a sense of informality and fun. It is great for their physical and emotional development, thoroughly recommend it!”

 Mum of Christina 3yrs and Bella 6yrs


 “I like doing Yoga because it’s good for your health and makes me feel fantastic. The classes are great fun and the atmosphere is great. I want to keep doing Yoga when I grow up, especially the grown up Sun Salutation.”

Lucy 9yrs (been attending since she was 3)

“Lucy gets a lot out of going to yoga and she really enjoys it. I like that it’s non-competitive and is more about the benefits for the child. It’s wonderful to see how much Lucy has come on since she started at the age of three.”

Lucy’s mum Jane.