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In 2019 Fay Denwood invested in 3 training courses with Little Greene Yoga. 

  • Foundation Years (3-8yrs) Kids Yoga Teacher Training (split into 3-5yrs & 5-8yrs)
  • Alignment Based 8-12yrs Kids Yoga Teacher Training 
  • TEEN – Mind & Body (12-18yrs)

Fay successfully passed all 3 courses and has since been working privately and within the Schools in and around Edinburgh and loving it!

We caught up with Fay to find out how she was and her thoughts on her training one year on!


What made you want to teach children and teens yoga?

Before becoming a yoga teacher I was a paediatric nurse, I worked in various areas with children and their families from birth to 18 years; so I always enjoyed working with children, and teenagers particularly. The energy they have is great. Over the 11 years I was nursing there were notable shifts in admissions relating to mental health, we know there are higher numbers of children suffering from mental health issues in our current times; and a rise in anxiety, depression, self harm. I don’t profess to know all the reasons why, social media is often named as the cause but I think there is more to it than that, and teenage years particularly are challenging and hold a lot of pressure. And from my own experience, I think there are a lot of valuable tools and lessons in yoga that can help navigate these years, things like learning to breathe well and properly, the value of your own body and what positions can have a calming effect on your mind. I think if we can teach this at a young age, it is hopefully contributing to building a life long resilience.

You already had an adult teaching certificate, why did you feel it necessary to do extra training?

A yoga teacher training of 200 hours can’t really prepare you for going into a school or club and teaching yoga, and it isn’t meant to! Yoga is huge, I think sometimes we think 200 hours is all you need but its really just a foundation I think, maybe unless of course you are accustomed to going into schools anyway and managing groups of children, which I was not! Even with a lot of knowledge and experience of working and being with children not all yoga is appropriate for every age group, and I think if you really want children and teenagers to get the most out of yoga and keep doing it, you need a specific teacher training that can give you the tools.

Why did you choose Little Greene Yoga above other training providers?

I was looking for training in Scotland, and Little Greene Yoga had a wealth of experience and years of teaching children and teenagers. She also offered to call me first and discuss options and her course so I felt that she would be a very supportive mentor as well as a teacher. I have done training overseas, and in large groups of up to 50 people but I felt for this being in a smaller class, and with someone who has knowledge and experience of starting business in the same place with the same school system would be helpful, and it was!training that can give you the tools.

Do you feel the training prepared you for working with the various age groups?

Yes, I had been teaching in a couple of schools prior to taking the 8-12 years course with two groups of 7-9 year olds, so I was adapting from the 5-8 course I had already done which was going fine, but I got way more ideas, games and structures from taking the course and the kids really loved it. The thing is children grow up fast, and there is a big difference between a 5 year old and an 8 year old as any parent will tell you, so different things will appeal to them and how you hold their interest will be different with different ages, and that’s where the separate courses help.

Did you do the training in chronological order? Did it matter, do you think?

I didn’t and I don’t think it mattered. I did the teen course first, and this is different to the other two anyway, working with high schools is different to primary, running teen classes is different, so I didn’t feel like I should have done them in age order or anything or that that would have been any more useful. I did the 3-8 before the 8-12 course and I think that was probably better to do, as some things carry across into a few years older and it is a foundation in knowing and understanding anatomy and child development.

Did you start teaching kids straight away and was it hard starting up classes?

I did the teen course in the May and started my classes in the September, just because of the term ending it wasn’t a great time to start in June. I put a taster class out on Facebook to see how it would go and it filled up, so starting a teen class wasn’t difficult. I started teaching in schools too at lunch time and breakfast club classes, it’s not my preferred option for younger children but it gave me experience and there is work there for sure!

Did you feel LGY we’re able to offer help after the training?

Yes, Veronica has always been helpful and willing to offer support and advice since the courses finished, I’ve been in touch several times! Also, with small classes you get to know others on the course and share knowledge and experience, this can be really beneficial too and I’ve kept in touch with most people from the courses too.

Did you feel the training provided you with both the Teaching and Business tools necessary to help you succeed as a children’s and teen yoga teacher?

Yes, this is a part of the course that is done very well. Often when you leave teacher training it’s a brief chat and good luck in setting up your classes. Veronica does this in a lot more depth, and offers more space for sharing ideas, discussion, asking questions and guidance in how to begin and set up classes, whether they are private or in schools.

Veronica Greene founded Little Greene Yoga ® in 2006 and offers a Certified Children’s Teacher Training package (3-5yrs; 5-8yrs; 8-12yrs, Teen – Mind & Body & Postnatal Yoga)