About Little Greene Yoga


“Yoga for all stages of life”

Veronica is dedicated to her yoga practice and improving her knowledge of the body, mind and the interaction between the two. She regularly undertakes additional study with ‘experts’ in their field.

Recent personal trainings (not online courses) include:-

Liz Koch – international educator and author on the Psoas (the emotional muscle)
Leslie Kaminoff – author of ‘Yoga Anatomy’
Julie Gudmestad – Physiotherapist & Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Gil Solberg – Biomechanics & Kinesiology
Gary Carter – Anatomy & Fascia

Veronica first started practising yoga while studying for her degree in Engineering. On graduating she moved to Edinburgh and started a career in IT spanning 17 years.  Here she attended her first Iyengar Yoga class (1990). The precision and attention to alignment appealed to her engineering mind, and she was hooked.

After the birth of her second daughter, Veronica founded “Little Greene Yoga” in Glasgow, Scotland (2005).  Veronica qualified in Iyengar yoga to Junior Intermediate Level 1 although stepped away from remaining certified. She is a qualified yoga instructor for children, and is a registered Senior Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Veronica is also a faculty member of Kids Yoga Academy.  She has been teaching adults for more than 25 years and children for the past 16 years.

Little Greene Yoga runs classes for adults, children, teenagers and postnatal mums as part of its weekly timetable. They offer a full program for primary and secondary school, including in-house training for school teachers around central scotland – “Yoga for all stages of life”.

Veronica is passionate about teaching yoga and feels extremely fortunate to have been teaching some of her younger students for more than 12 years.  As the children have evolved both mentally and physically so has the ”Little Greene Yoga” syllabus which combines her classical yoga training with fun techniques aimed at stimulating each specific age group. She believes that children can be taught the connection between body and mind, gain valuable life tools and respect for themselves if the class is tailored to their individual needs.

Her Adult classes are taught with the same passion!

“Little Greene Yoga” runs regular workshops to educate teaching staff, within Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, on how to use yoga as part of their school curriculum and a Certified Training program to share her knowledge with other potential instructors. She also runs courses for teaching staff, as part of in-service training, on how yoga can be incorporated into the school day!